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My Teachers
I have had many teachers who have inspired the work I do. I am very deeply grateful to them all for the dedication they have brought to their teaching and to their various practices. I have learned many things from many people, informally and formally, by accident and by design.
This is a list of the people that are close in my heart and who's presence I often feel in my work.
Pam Brown (Osteopath)
Tom Dummer (Osteopath)
Martin Booth (Osteopath)
Mervin Waldman (Osteopath)
Harold Klug (Osteopath)
Gez Lamb (Osteopath)
Michael Skipwith (Osteopath)
Jill Headifen (Osteopath)
Robert Lever (Osteopath)
Sue Turner (Osteopath)
Renzo Molinari (Osteopath)
David Findlay (Psychotherapist)
Stephen Silver (Homeopath Healer)
Eric Franklin (Franklin Method)
Erich Walker (Franklin Method)

Kama Korytowska  (Body Mind Centering)

Bodhi (5Rhythms)
Sue Rickards (5Rhythms)
Adam Barley (5Rhythms)
Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan (Movement Medicine)
Mark Boylan (5Rhythms)
Caroline Carey (5Rhythms)

Franklin Method
Individual Sessions